The CleMate 400 Fiber Cleaner is designed in the way of handy operation. It is so compact that it can be gripped in hand. By pressing down the red button, the cover slides open leaving the clean weave ready to clean the connector. Thanks to the design of easy refill cartridge, the new replacement cassette can be refilled after the empty usage.

The 400-wipes capacity is guaranteed for every new replacement cassette. The cleaning performance has complied to the IPC8497-1, and furthermore, with the ESD-controlled fabric the CleMate 400 can keep dust and particles away from your connector. The CleMate 400 has passed the Telcordia GR-63 tests and it won't be damage from three meters height dropping.

With the CleMate 400 Fiber Cleaner, all kind of dirty particles, such as dust, dripping, moist, and alcohol residues can be removed completely and the connection performance improved significantly to the fiber networks.

CleMate400.pdf Brochure Chinese 2019.02.12
CleMate400.pdf Brochure English 2019.02.12