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Provide Multi-Channel/Multi-Points Matrix View and display each point’s status to rapidly isolate impaired network segment

Provide Geographical view of the network topology in a real-time updating display

Provide Network Traffic Trending analysis for each Point.

Web-based User Interface

Support to Integrated with SMS, E-Mail or Alarm system

Real Time Monitor and Alarm

Remote troubleshooting

On-AIR Content Validation

Varity of Comparison, Trending, Statistical Reports

Channel grouping functionality

Multi-level Authority control

Two Layer thresholds Setting

Support SNMP protocol

One Glance Tells All
How many channels do you need to manage? Stressing your eyes by staring the TV wall for hours? We provides a complete solution -Hawkeye Distributed System- for new-generation IPTV network system. Hawkeye Distributed System monitors all IPTV channels and displays every channel’s status within a single screen in real time. Just a split second glance at the “One-Glance-Tells-All” Summary page, user readily spots any tell-tale alarms without scrolling or searching through hundreds of channels being monitored. It conveniently integrates SMS, Email, Alarm lights, or SNMP system notifying user/s automatically on all IPTV channels abnormalities with prompt alarm/s anytime and anywhere promoting operational productivity without compromising need for immediate rectification actions to be taken.

Hawkeye_Distributed.pdf Brochure English 2019.02.12