DingLi's independently-developed LiteProbe is a portable measurement device for LTE IoT (incl: NB-IoT and eMTC) Radio Access Network measurement. The current network signal strength and quality is displayed on LiteProbe's OLED screen, and therefore LiteProbe provides an instant view of the key measurements to the tester.

The network parameters displayed on the screen are RSRP, SINR, TxPower, PCI, EARFCN and RSSI.

According to the LTE IoT evaluation standards specified by various operators, the device shall grade the measured quality (e.g. Excellent, good, average, below average, poor).

Supports Ping, Attach and Idle test services, and inform the users of the detected network status on the OLED screen (i.e. net. available, and net. unavailable) through test results.

LiteProbe is simple to use, extremely portable and designed for practicality to allow easy LTE IoT evaluation and troubleshooting.

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