The only Real-Time Monitoring System on the market

Unique RFTS test method for cables management with E-Map

Fault-on-map feature with GIS-based network document

24/7 detection, location and tracking of fiber degradations

Scalable modules for all choices

A Real-time Consultant to Problem-pointing and Cables Management
With sophisticated functions such as complete network status schematic viewing,alarm management and reporting, RFTS is the only truly reliable monitoring solution that enables you to integrate all your network operations and maintenance activities into one monitoring system. RFTS also provides an operation interface based on GIS for mapping of as-built and fault-on-map features. If you are considering purchasing a monitoring system for your current needs but are worrying about scalable and full-integrated problems,RFTS provides an excellent entry point and it is free to scale modules for all your monitoring needs. Plus, it migrates seamlessly to a complete monitoring solution whenever you extend modules.

All-In-One Solution
RFTS can automatically track, detect and locate degradations, and will analyze mass information as well as provide highly accurate reports including degradation type, value and location. With ever increasing bandwidth demand, you can extend modules directly so that you do not have to worry about integrating new modules into your network operation.

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