The OCI 600 series applies the principle of light interference to transform mechanical vibration to visual or audio signals. It can be deployed in different circumstances, including manholes, tunnels, conduits or elevated construction.

The OCI 600 series is easy to operate by its One-touch automatic measurement technique. With its high sensitivity and noise reduction, the identifier is able to fast and accurately recognize the target cable after technicians lightly tap it. The identifier can lower noises to make technicians clearly hear the knocking sound by earphones.

The OCI 600 series equips with super high brightness 4.3 inch TFT color LCD suitable to outdoor environments. It features clear visibility even under strong sunlight and classifies the signal strength into ten grades with three colors, involving red, yellow and green. Technicians can easily recognize whether it is the target cable through the colors.

The powerful functions of OCI 600 series greatly reduce fault location time and error rate for technicians. It significantly improves the efficiency of establishing networks.

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