The OFI 400 series is used to analyze and grade the cleanliness of optical fiber end faces with functions of 400X magnification and detectable resolution less than 1㎛.

The OFI 400 is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS. The image of optical fiber end face can be shown on PC, laptops and mobile devices via a USB port or Wi-Fi.

The OFI 400 series is characterized by automatic focusing and analysis of fiber connector end faces. Choosing the OFI 400 series helps technicians exclude problems related to contaminated connector end faces and markedly improve the quality of optical fiber networks.

OFI400.pdf Brochure Chinese 2019.02.12
OFI400.pdf Brochure English 2019.02.12
OFI400.pdf Poster English 2019.02.12