The ORL 500 series is a handheld instrument which specializes in exactly measuring total attenuation of optical fiber networks. Connected points and reflected strengths can be quickly confirmed by using the ORL 500 series for intensifying work efficiency in construction and maintenance of optical fiber networks.

The ORL 500 series uses the techniques of utility model patent to shorten the Event Dead-zone to 1 meter. Its return loss detection range of 60 dBm makes the reflective location recognized clearly.

With a compact shape, the ORL 500 series incorporates with a laser source, an optical power meter and a visible fault locator. The all-in-one design makes measurements much easier.

The ORL 500 series with 4.3 inch color screen features high visual contrast and one-touch operation. With the design of shatter-resistant sleeve and IPx3, technicians can use this instrument under any abominable environments.

The design of the shortest Event Dead-zone makes the ORL 500 series locate the reflected points precisely. The ORL 500 series is all-featured and convenient for technicians.

ORL_Brochure.pdf Brochure Chinese 2019.02.12
ORL500.pdf Brochure English 2019.02.12
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