The OTDR 700 series integrates entry-level functions, advanced functions, power meter, light source, visible fault locator etc.

The entry-level functions designed for general operators utilize One-touch automatic measurement, graphical circuit diagram and intelligent analysis of faults The OTDR 700 series allows operators to settle cable length and alarming threshold.
The OTDR 700 series will go by the setting to analyze faults.

The advanced functions are designed for professionals. Operators can set up parameters to measure optical fiber which can be a reference for cable conditions.

The OTDR 700 series can follow the thresholds of the attenuation, reflection and destination which operators set up to exactly measure cable length, cable loss and fusion and connected points of cables. The information will be shown on graphs.

The OTDR 700 series can store and convert test results to PC for copy and saving.

The built-in power meter and light source are used to measure the attenuation of cables. The inside visible fault locator is for circuit confirmation and simplified location of faults. The OTDR 700 series is multipurpose for telecom-related measurement.

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