is a Content Delivery Solution built from the ground up for the Telco and Carrier market. It enables operators to build their own private Content Delivery Network (CDN). This allows them to develop their own content services or to resell this CDN service to their enterprise customers.

CDN solution diagram

Conversion CDN Components
CS Manager
The Core the CS-CDN to provide management and multi-tenants
CS Balancer
To balancing the load of HyperEdge in Single POP
CS Director
Maps user requests to the best able CDN node
CS Origin
Packager and Stream server for multi-source
CS Analytics
Suite of analysis tools for traffic monitoring
And Visualization
CS Monitoring
Service monitoring and error indicated
CS HyperEdge
Local Storage and delivery for diversity contents
CS Simulator
Client simulate for services testing
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We have accumulated more than 15 years of experience and have established a strong foundation in the field of fiber-optic communication/content transmission network/multimedia encryption systems. With these years of accumulated foundation, we look forward to being the cornerstone of your innovation business, whether it's using advanced fiber optic technology for fiber breakpoint monitoring or environmental factor change monitoring, or a large number of content delivery networks, or The foundation of encryption protection for multimedia application services, we are the best partner for your innovation business.

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